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    Check out my site

    Site looks good. Just to let you know you misspelled "dimensions" on the screen of your business portfolio. I don't think that looks too good, so you might want to to fix it. I like the design, just noticed the typo.
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    Not quite finished but ready for critiques and comments

    Good job. It looks very good for a theater site. The only thing I would recommend changing is the background, I think it just seems too out of place. And you might want to add controls to the pictures page, like next, back, etc. This is for a theater right? Shouldn't you say where the theater is...
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    Site Resdesign

    I added graphics, I hope that improves the look. The nav buttons feel out of place though, I plan on making graphics for those too, and maybe the footer. And should I make graphics for the sidebox borders, or does it look good as just solid colors? Anyways, do you think the change I made is...
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    Site Resdesign

    Alright I'll get working on it.
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    Site Resdesign

    That's the idea =P Yeah I was thinking about adding graphics but I'm not sure what I should make yet. But as far as colors it's okay right? Thanks for the feedback.
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    Site Resdesign I've decided to redesign my site. I tried going for a simple look this time around. What do you guys think on the look? Oh and does the outline on images look good, or do you think it just looks awkward? There's only one page up at at the moment, that's the home...
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    My site, once again.

    Only thing missing from your site is content. But E3 starts tomorrow so that shouldn't be a problem. On your privacy policy why don't you link to Google's content network privacy policy so they can opt out.
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    My site, once again.

    Not really, it just sounds funny. By the way, real nice layout.
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    My site, once again.

    Uh when you don't have a comment on an article it says "start the ball rolling..." isn't it supposed to be "get the ball rolling..."?
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    Why my site not approving by adsense

    Well if you don't have the rights to distribute those songs then it is against AdSense TOS, and I think it is also against x10hosting TOS. Of course if you do have the rights to distribute the music then you should contact Google and let them know that you have distributing rights.
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    Capture The Flag (a game in open beta)

    I can't access your site.
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    Welcome to my site

    Uh.. the site isn't in English or Spanish. Layout looks good though.
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    The redesign of the redesign of my site. :x

    Hey you wanted criticism and you got it. He's just saying that you didn't even design your own blog. Why wouldn't a web designer design his own blog? Also I would not want to buy your services. Your redesign is, for lack of a better phrase, ****ty. I'm not saying that your don't have skills...
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    How do you like my site?

    The layout looks very nice. Maybe you could put in Arbiter or MC in your banner. Also, you might want to say a "A Halo Team" or "Verified Halo Team" in your banner so that people know what your site is about. By the way, this belongs in Review My Site.
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    Review My NEW Site!

    Oh =P Yeah, I think you can do that manually with PHP. I don't know PHP very well (just started learning), but I think it can be done. Not sure with deviantart though, since I'm not sure if they keep a log of what you download. It's obvious you put in a lot more work in your site than mine...