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    Apache to dns is offline

    Can anyone tell me the reasons why? thank you
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    Hi x10users!

    Thank you guys...
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    new here..

    Im a filipino too. Hahah.. Enjoy your stay my friend
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    Atlast a filipino guy! Hello sir, enjoy your stay!
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    Ei Im a filipino too. Nice meeting you
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    Adding domain with this servers...

    Thank you sir.
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    XxInFiNiTyxX's here.....

    Im not singaporean but Im in Singapore too.
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    Im from philippines and studying here in singapore. Nice meeting you
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    Welcome Shuhui, Im a student of one of the lousiest secondary school in Yishun.
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    Hello Everyone

    Hey willie im a Filipino but im here in Singapore too. Nice meeting you
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    hello everyone!

    Hi im here in Singapore man! nice meeting you here in forum Edit: Im in singapore too.
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    Hi x10users!

    Thanks GamingX nice meeting you^_^
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    Adding domain with this servers...

    I read that to add a domain, I need to use this servers: Is it okay to use it though my account says my DNS is offline? (sorry for my bad English)
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    Hi x10users!

    Hi my name is Nikko from Philippines studying here in Singapore. I love making website and playing with my photoshop, currently in third year highschool 17 years old. I am new to this x10hosting, hopingto make more friends with you all:lockd:. Nikk:laugh:
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    Free Domain(Read This)

    Can someone register a domain for me called I don't have credit card:sad: