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    Rate my new portfolio site!

    Hey guys! i know i haven't been around for a while but i'm getting back into webdesign and i need some help. So last night i made this website for my portfolio but there is only one problem. I am not very good at doing graphics, i am more of a programmer than a web designer right now. So if...
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    cant post on old threads?

    so apparently i got an infraction for posting on a thread that was 3 weeks old. first off i dont consider 3 weeks to be old. second off i dont understand why you cant post on old topics? can some one explain if there is any reason why?
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    my stab at an x10hosting 88x31 button

    yep i wanted a button to link to x10 so i just made one really quick if u wanna use it feel free, i hope its okay with corey to make this. psd is available at
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    I Need Javascript help!

    hi, i cant figure out why this doesnt work: index.html <html> <head> <script type="text/javascript"> function includescript(sourcefile){ var scriptNode = document.createElement('script'); scriptNode.type = 'text/javascript'; scriptNode.src = sourcefile...
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    Script works locally but not online?!?!?!

    hi there, I am trying to use a javascript that dynamically includes another .js file. the problem is, is that it works on my computer, and a friend tryed it on his computer and on his apache server but when i upload it to x10 it doesnt work?? i am soo confused... the link to the script...
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    i cant remember is the smtp, how come the page that shows is services are working or not, says smtp is always down?
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    http down........again..

    http is down again
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    HTTP Down

    HTTP went down exactly 7 minutes ago..
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    Need website name!

    okay so im making a website with scripts on it, mostly php, and javascript. I need a name for it that isnt already registered, i was thinking somewhere along the lines of: ACEWEBSCRIPTS.COM COOLCODE.INFO DYNAMICWEBSCRIPTS.COM DANS-SCRIPTS.COM im liking dynamicwebscripts the best right now but...
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    Intro to Ownage

    Hey my names Dan and i live in the United States and im 18 years old. I have created a couple websites in my past and am looking to get back into web design. I mainly code in HTML and PHP so far but i really want to learn Java so i can start doing some AJAX. This is the end of my introduction.
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    do i still have my account?

    Hi, its been a while since ive been able to do any webdesign cause school kept getting in the way but i would like to start getting into it more and i was wondering if i still had my account active? it would be registered to the email probably, if it is still active can i...
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    when will my site be back up?

    when will my site, be back up? i started ticket to back it up but whenever i click on it it says access denied.... my username is acewebd, thanks
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    Things to do when your bored click
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    Username acewebd not found?

    Yea... my account was suspended somehow and when i do the check thing to see why i was suspended it says my username acewebd was not found.... help please?
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    site down

    my site wont load....