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    Cron / Perl problems

    Ok, that was my mistake, I put it into the mysql execution line just like Marshian has it, and it works. Only problem now is that its only increasing it by 6%. But that is probably just a mathematical error, no real problem Thanks to both of you for your help
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    Cron / Perl problems

    Ok, I tried youre code and got this out of it Bareword found where operator expected at /home/oiwio/public_html/ line 30, near ") AS" (Missing operator before AS?) syntax error at /home/oiwio/public_html/ line 30, near ") AS UNSIGNED" Execution of...
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    Cron / Perl problems

    Is there any way to lengthen the execution time? And if not, for the first script, I understand that you just put a LIMIT 200 (Im guessing) but how would I put it in the second one?
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    Cron / Perl problems

    I have a Perl script that runs every 15 minutes off of a shell off of a cron. It goes through every member in my database and increases their HP by 15% So I made this script with help from the people in this forum, but in the past two or three weeks it has been either been skipping over...
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    Custom Error pages not working..? :(

    x10 doesnt allow custom error pages on a free server
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    layout getting screwed up

    Tried it with both bottom and top files, plus with both include and readfile and nothing worked
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    layout getting screwed up

    nope, its still giving me the same thing.
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    layout getting screwed up

    Im trying to add a PM section to my site and I got a couple of files from a friend that worked for him, but two of the 6 files he gave screw up the layout and I have no idea why. This has happened to me in the past but all I had to do was to put a blank form at the end and it would work but now...
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    x10Hosting Double Everything Special!

    Thanks x10 for bringing this back. I was going to order it when it first came out but I got to doing it two days after it stopped, but Im glad Im able to again I got the double s/bw twice. Awsome package and very cheap!
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    The live interview with Corey...

    you could always record the interview from your computer. Some programs let you record any sound being played on your computer
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    The live interview with Corey...

    cool, I cant wait. What exactly will be in the interview. What type of questions?
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    Do you feel Unlucky?

    Im pretty lucky on the internet plus persistent. Ive only been chosen twice for the contests and only claimed one. But in the real world, I havent won a big contest (50+ people) in over 10 years
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    just listen to x10radio when DJ-Crazy is active and you will need to join the #x10radio channel in x10's irc server.
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    X10 radio and contests for free credits

    music requests will only be active when DJ-Crazy/ Chris73 is at his computer since he runs it. The same goes for contests too
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    Best Antivirus,Best Spyware,Best FireWall:

    For this computer I dont have anything but the standard windows firewall and my router's firewall, but for my desktop, Im using an expired version of mcafee to block actions from spyware and viruses plus its firewall, and if I do get a virus or spyware, I use the free spyware doctor in the...