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    Account Suspended -Automatic Unsuspension pending for 2 days

    I didn't know you had to manually unsuspend it, thought it was automatic so was worried about the delay. Thank you
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    Account Suspended -Automatic Unsuspension pending for 2 days

    Hi, my account was suspended for high CPU usage immediately after upgrading my Wordpress to version 3. The reason stating as below You have been suspended for high system resource usage. Accounts are suspended for usage when they are detected to have consistently high cpu usage, memory...
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    Chopin Expedited Copy am on free hosting - if that is also considered in expedited list
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    Site showing apache installation sucess page but no previous content

    I have read the other posts and note that there is some upgrade still happening on the servers (mine is chopin) but my problem seems a little different. When I try the site, it shows a success page that apache has been sucessfuly installed I have been using wordpress blog on my...