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    My designs

    You are welcome. Also check out for free stock photos, for free brushes. Also i have added a free desktop wallpaper for download at my flickr account. Check it out at:
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    My designs

    Thank you all. Im very pleased that you liked them. These are basicly just for practice and i have sold only few of them. The template for the tile company(Asani Company) took me about a day to finish(only the psd design). I designed a signage for them so it was an easy task couse i knew in...
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    My designs

    Check out my designs at: And tell me what you think. P.S I am still uploading new ones.
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    Unable to post to "If you get the Apache / CentOS test page..."

    Greetings, I am unable to post new threads or replies to the: "If you get the Apache / CentOS test page..." - thread. On the bottom it says: You may not post new threads You may not post replies You may not post attachments You may not edit your posts What should i do pls help. My...