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    Review my Site, Please

    mukuld, i followed the instructions on to put the contact form in. is there anything i can do to format it correctly? i dont have any knowledge of html (i would like to learn) Edit: everyone, thank you for the feedback. it was much appriceated. i added a logo, so any extra...
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    Review my Site, Please

    lol you have a point about the computer screen. i found the original template online and i wanted to change a couple of things(sadly, i have no skill with html:mad:). i'll switch back to the original images and then tell me what you think.
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    Review my Site, Please

    please tell me any comments/suggestions to make my tech support site better. Note: The 'Pricing' link is the same as my home page because i havent worked exact prices out yet dont worry, anybody from X10 gets a discount lol anyway, tell me what you think
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    hey everyone

    hey everyone, this is Lemar from NY. i found this site and i figured I'd finally get off of my butt and start designing my first website :biggrin: I'm a newbie to this, so i'm going to ask a lot of questions lol. BTW the website i'm designing is a tech support site, so after i get the first...