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    Password Reset Needed

    Please reset the password of
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    Password Reset Needed

    Please reset the password of
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    Problems With CPanel and Client Area Logins

    My CPanel just takes me to the "cannot login" page and the Client Area to a PHP error page, yet my site is still up.
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    Game Developers Going for Style Over Substance?

    I've been gaming most of my life, from the days of the Amiga. Yes, the gaming industry has changed a lot in that time, with today's technology that's only to be expected. But unfortunately, the work mentality of developers also seems to have changed, and not for the best. Back in the early...
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    Hey everyone, I'm Alex and I just got my site up here. I'll take my introduction from there; I'm just your regular internet nerd. Obsessed with to the point that jokes about it aren't even funny, I enjoy making music and websites, as well as gaming. I'm currently located in England...
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    Are Adverts Required on Subdomains?

    For my website, I intend to have my own personal section, and then run a subdomain site for a social group I'm a part of. So, do I need adverts on this subdomain too? It's no problem, but curiousity comes with humanity.