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    email not recieved ??

    hello guys i have signup for a hosting account plan : corporate domain : id : rahul1 email : and i have cnfirmed for hosting account but yet almost 1 hour over but not recived any hosting account activation details so please reply and if...
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    [REQ] Create 3 Banners For 100 Points

    Hi I Want Banners For My Site Let It Be 468 *80 Pixels I Have 3 Skins In My Forum U Shud Made The 4 Banners For Eack Skin Which Should Match The Skin Then U Will Have 150 Points For It In Tht Banner Details : Title : FonoFun Sub Title : Fun On Fon So Make It First...
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    Name Countries

    Hi This Is Simple Game Rules : You Have To Tell A Country Name And The Next Poster Will Say A Country Name By The Below Country Ending Name Example : India (Then The Next Poster Will Start From 'a' As It Is The Ending Letter Of Last Post) Alaska Hope You Understand &...
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    Yes Or No !!!!

    Hi Lets Start A Fun GAME : Its Called "Yes" or "No" Game Rules: You answer to the question asked in your above post with "yes" or "No". Then your turn to ask the Question for the next person Example : Do you understand? Yes
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    Add 3 Words

    Hi Guys In This tOPIC u sHUD Reply aNY 3 Meanings Words Like He Is Boy Or I Am Cool So Like That You Can Write Any Thing But The There Should Be Only 3 Words It Is Like Fun Game !!!:naughty:
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    Which Mobile You Use?

    Hi Now Lets Discuss That Which Mobile You Use Like Manufacture : Model : Note : If A Member Does Not Have Mobile Then Just Dont Spam
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    who is ur best singer?

    Hello Guys Lets Discuus That Who Is Our Best Singer And Reply The Best Song Of That Best Singer Which U LIKE mOST
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    Not Recived Email

    Hi Guys I Want Help I Have Signuped A Domain In Advanced Plan And Yet Not Recived Email Pls Any Admins Resent Mail To
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    ipb 2.0 missing file

    Hi Guys i am having a trail version of ipb 2.0 and i have uploaded the file to my forum folder but when i go to index.php it tells me tht cant find ipsclass.php so i reqest u if u have the ipsclass.php of ipb 2.0 then pls upload it and give me the link i will give u 10 points if the problem...
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    x10 down or up?

    Hi Guys I Am Facing A Big Problem Tht Is I Can Access My Cpanel And I Can Access My Ftp but The Problem Is I Cannot Access My Pages It Tells Cannot Find Server Pls U Try This Page And Then Tell Me What U Get And If U Got Same Error Then Pls Fix It Soon Guys...
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    create banner for 20 points

    hi guys i want a banner for my site so if u can then just do it and reply here if i like it i will give u 20 points and it should be attractive in colour and text and in that banner pls write on center in attractive colour and style this word-"FonoFun" And Downwords Tht FonoFun Text Write An...
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    ipb 2.0

    Hello How r u i want a little help frm u guys i just want a legal copy of ipb 2.0 if u have the legalcopy and in that it has more unlimited users registration then pls link the site here pls pls i want it soon pls post the link of ipb 2.0 download
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    how to add name server

    hello i am new i dont know anything about hosting so i have registered a domain so i want to know how to set name server because i am adding that domain frm addon domain and parked domain and it tells that name server not found pls help me how to add name server
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    just reset full account

    hello i want to reset my full account it means?pls delete all data frm my account and just make it as a new site like when a user has jut signed up for a new account hosting? hope u understand? my id:symbio85 site: name:rahul
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    more problems after reseting pass

    this are the problems with the cpanel and server of x10 after resting 1.showing unlimited megabytes 2.cant add a ftp account 3.cant brwse my site it is showing cpanel error sql errors this much of problems so pls solve his problems soon it is not...