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    200 credits for the best slogan ( web design firm )

    You gift websites to the world We gift wrap them. OR
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    Get 50 Credits to register and 50 for each day you post!

    signed up as rahulkhatri
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    20 Creds to download a 4MB file

    downloaded Ps-Getting a prmium account will be difficult at uploading but you can earn money
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    Name My Company

    i thought Dream Vision-Making your dreams come true
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    Name My Company

    oxyvision sounds best but similar to invison choose DREAMVISION or YOURVISION
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    Review my site? (

    the logo is cool blue does not match make it a little more flashy with creative things
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    Any suggestions about my blog site ?

    simple and sleek good info
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    Review My Blog

    i really like the navigation menu if you designed it yourself then hats off to you
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    Review my Blog

    thanks for the suggestions and i will look into the footer and about the blue color it looks good to me anyway thanks
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    Selling Vista ultimate key(50 000 cred)

    its true its easy to get cracked things for pc thats why games release late for PC
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    Review my Blog Not much content there but will add my posts i need suggestions about the blog theme and usage suggestions and criticism are welcome
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    Elite Model Automobiles

    its not eye-catching customers will see the homepage and close it seriously,first impression is the last impression
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    Site design.

    looks good use a better background the drop down menus are cool
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    Making my site

    get a a good banner bro the colors look dull make it bright
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    Greetingsmachine - review please

    nice color buddy a layout is suggested the blend of colors is nice and without the layout ads look bad 3 out of 5 without layout 4 out of 5 with a layout