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    Can NOT update my existing Website (at

    Okay, bdistler, I tried your #2 suggestion, and it solved the problem!! Thanks again!!!
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    Can NOT update my existing Website (at

    I have NOT been able to update my Website (at -- which is STILL ACTIVE and is NOT suspended -- for at least the last (3) weeks, even though I can Log-In to my account. When I click "Open cPanel", it reports: "... My Websites ... You don't have any websites added...
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    My domain is NOT WORKING

    Please IGNORE, I fixed it --- "rdm_brla"
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    ? Is Mono / ASP.NET support now officially discontinued ?.

    ASP.NET (Mono) is NOT working on server "Chopin". Has x10hosting finally and OFFICIALLY decided to drop support for ASP.NET (Mono), as discussed in the forum's "Important Poll" thread ?. Thank You in advance for your DEFINITIVE answer. rdmbrlax
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    Important Poll

    I DO use Mono (ASP.NET), and wish that you could keep supporting it. ASP.NET (Mono) is the main feature that first attracted me to (I do NOT use Frontpage Extensions, however.)