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    Review my site

    Excellent animations, first thing that grabbed my attention, but then you know that already from other reviewers ;-). Site struck me as a "cyber resume" that is short, sweet, with plenty of meat. Got right to the point. The white letters on a light green background (Biography, News, etc.) were...
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    Facebook deems X10Hosting Community links unsafe

    It is not just For some time I was using Zymic as a free host, tried to put my home page ( into my FB profile, received a similar message (that was well over a year ago). Perhaps simply FB sees free web hosters as competition?
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    x10 image usage

    As a simple way of saying thank you, on my web pages at the bottom have short blurb with "free web hosting by . . ." with a hot link to the free web host's image. Since X10 does not allow image hot linking, is there any IP (intellectual property) issue of storing a copy of...