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  1. R domain name expired

    Along with the others mine is still down, as well. It has popped back online a couple times, only to disappear as quickly. I'm checking it against a public computer now, with the same results. One moment I will receive the "domain expired" page, and the next I will receive a "Connection reset by...
  2. R domain name expired

    Or I should say, it was working... My site has returned to non-functionality. I have tried connecting through another Network, namely my phone, and the site is not working. While on my home network, it was momentarily working, but now I'm receiving conflicting error reports from it saying "This...
  3. R domain name expired

    It appears to be working now. Thank you.
  4. R domain name expired

    My domain is down, as well. What's going on? It is a large understatement to say that this is a bad day for this to happen.
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    PHP Session variables not working

    Please delete this post. The issue was my custom browser settings.