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    help with ads

    I have placed the advanced add code on my index page but it will still not appear. Im not to good with html at all, would someone be able to have a look and find out why it is not working? here is my index page and heres a link to a txt document of my html code. thanking you :)
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    my account has been suspended

    i was just wondering why my account has been suspended. website is i have the ads on the top of the page. thanks for ya help :)
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    Suspended Account

    cPanel Username: donkeyz Subdomain: How long your account has been up: 3-31-05 Did you have the ads placed on every page: yes what have i done wrong?
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    ARGH help!

    ive just uploaded 3 videos to my x10 account, but i dont know how to find the direct link to it so i can put them on my site for ppl to download anyone know how i do it?? thanks :laughing:
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    need help with a graphic

    can someone make the white background in this gif transperent please? or at least tell me how i can do it? im using adobe imageready thanks
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    The Codec Thread

    Heres a good read for all you video editing junkies out there
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    choosing a plan

    can someone provide me with a link where i can read about all the differnt plans X10 has to offer? thanks Tony
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    new kid on the block

    heya guys and gals just thought id sign up and have a bit of a chat with you other forumers, and to get my videos up and running on my site. check it out, tell me what u think of it :grin: nice to be part of the team Tony