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    [PS] Slicing and Coding

    I had fun making this tut lol. I made this video for how to slice and code a template and have the content box expand. Its very easy to following and do. If you have any questions feel free to contact me. Video Tutorial Link Thanks, -SE7EN-
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    New Template

    This is a temp I made which I am selling, it is simple but good for any company or business portfolio. Template Link
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    New Sig

    Dont mind the text, I really couldnt think of anything to do with it. There is a one pixel white border but it might be hard to see.
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    Easy Money Through Paypal!

    First of let me say that I was very skeptical at first, but after I started receiving money I was convinced that this is the easy way to make money ever! Click here to find out how to start making more money than you know what to do with! <snip url>
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    Free Clan Template

    This is the first free template realeased by Digital Designz. It is made and coded by me. It is simple but perfect for any clan's site. It comes with the following: - 1 HTML coded index page - Fonts - Images - PSD Hope you like it! Preview:
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    Here are some sigs Ive made, in order from newest to oldest.
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    Hey peoples, Im a friend of Theorys so treat me good or Ill make him take away your hosting! :rolleyes: I too am a web hosting provider and am the owner of XTR Host,, however I provide paid hosting. So.. nice to meet all of you. :)
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    Hosting Temp for Sale

    This is a new hosting temp which I just finished and is for sale. Contact me through AIM or Email to find out the price and more about it if you are interested. Preview - Here Inlcudes - 1 HTML coded index page PSD Fonts Images Full Rights This template will be sold only once You...