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    not working

    A couple days ago a applied for corporate free hosting, with a bypass code, but i have still not gotten my account. I pmed about it yesterday but he hasnt replied.
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    I'm back

    Hi guys, Ive been a member of this forum a long time, but i havent been active in a long time too, until now, some of you may remember me and others may not, but I would like to say I'm back.
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    Account Suspended

    cPanel Username: Subdomain: How long your account has been up: dont remember Did you have the ads placed on every page: no, because i dont know how to put it in the new version of smf 1.0.5, because the script has changed.
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    ads in Mambo open source and smf 1.0.5

    can someone tell me how to do this?
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    ads in smf 1.0.5

    has anyone figured it out?
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    ads not working in smf 1.0.5

    the ads arent working in this new version of smf....
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    not white with yellow folder...

    i have seen a couple sites from here that have no /blahblah but still they get somewhere instead of that place with the folders....
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    the actual database kind of database

    i searched in fantastico and found nothing.... is it possible to have a similar one like this:
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    i was wondering what the advertisemt thing from the shop does....
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    advertisement help

    i just got an upgrade from smf and i forgot where to place the link to make the advertisement come up
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    Moodle questions.

    what happened to the other one i posted? anyways... how do u delete the moodle banner, put my own banner an the ADS in?
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    Moodle questions.

    how do i delete the banner in moodle, add my own banner and the ads?
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    Name Upgrade question.

    when we request for a doamin name change will it be reset and all files deleted?
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    Superior Artist

    my friend aurelius is a superior photoshop artist. check this out:,36.0.html
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    when i go into my main thing: it says wyswigpro, what the hell is that?