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    Whats The Last Game You Bought?

    ummmm..... Tetris for the Nintendo 64 I believe.......????
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    How to Manage Headers in Page?

    Can I see your whole code? Thanks.
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    Difference between Parked and Addon?

    I am a blogger and I have been hosting my blog on x10Hosting for few months now. But still, I do not know what is the difference between an "add-on domain" and a "parked domain". What's the difference?
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    The how to get your own domain for free .tk

    I know is good, but they have disappointed me in the last few days. I registered a free domain : I was getting lot of traffic, and it seemed they did not like it. They "sold" it to another person/company/organization. I registered another free domain :
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    Chopin Down?

    Looks like it isn't valid ..... It has been suspended although it did not violate any of their T&C.. Thanks for the help. Sorry for bothering.
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    Chopin Down?

    Hello, I was trying to go to the wp admin panel of my website and ( and I was unable to access. Looks like it's down. Any issues going on? My website is hosted on on the chopin server
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    x10 Banner for Websites

    Hello all, I have made a simple banner to add to websites' footer. I hope you like it. Take a look: Here is the link for download : --- Shifat Taushif
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    what is the worst accident that has happened in your town?

    This jerk threw a football at an airplane carrying 200 people when it was taking off.
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    Count to 1 Million

    2420 bullets wasted
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    Add One Word

    Monkeys break bananas over their Noses and open their mouth so they flap the pudding between their feet and hands. This is boring. Monkeys fling pancakes over seals BUT albatrosses rarely fall for double-glazing. When the salesmen dodges smelly and begins dancing spandex shorts alone, his...
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    Allowed to put Google AdSense ads on my site?

    Thanks very much, Hoobrum and techairlines
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    Allowed to put Google AdSense ads on my site?

    I have one simple question. Am I allowed to put my own Google AdSense ads on my website? I have Free Hosting. Thanks.
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    Hello! Nice to meet you. Welcome to x10Hosting. I believe that by "banner" you mean Forced Ads. Well, x10Hosting does not put any Forced Ads on any of the websites on Free Hosting. I hope it helps.
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    Please Review my site

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    X10Hosting Gamer Tag Listing

    Username: shifat96 Real Name:Shifat Taushif Age:15 Location: Toronto, ON, Canada Xbox Live: TouristicNine26 PSN:shifat360 Steam: N/A XFire: N/A Games: Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, Grand Theft Auto 3, Kinect Adventures, Kinect Sports, Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2, Call of Duty...