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    Request for increased disk space

    I have a free account which I use for a Star Trek Simming Fleet, my site is active but due to the database limit and very small diskspace allowance I cannot give a subdomain for fleet member simms. I can live with not being able to give more than 2 subdomains as I really only need 2 but unless I...
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    Transfer hosting

    hmm the files are easy enough but how do i upload a database
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    Transfer hosting

    I just got a new host which gives me more space and databases to work with. How do I transfer my website without losing all my posted content
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    installing using filezilla

    I have just got new hosting after about 5 yrs when my old laptop broke down and I cannot remember how to install the software i use. I use phpbb, mediawiki and sms 2. I can update the sms to nova but still the problem remains how do i install it using filezilla