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    Comments please...

    This is a little site i created. It's about the sims 2 nightlife. Everything exept for the sims 2 logo was created by me :happy: Click here to view
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    Rate my site please!!

    this is the site: GameInsider it's mostly in dutch but you can translate that by using
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    Could you please tell me why my account was suspended then i can fix whats missing. cPanel Username: simmie Subdomain: How long your account has been up: 5 months i guess Did you have the ads placed on every page: As far as I can remember yes but I didn't place all of...
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    database error in phpbb?

    yesterday everything worked fine and now i want to view my forum and it gives an error that it couldn't connect to the database does anybody know how to fix this? (my site is
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    how to put the adcode in phpbb

    Where do I put the adcode in the PHPBB forum I'm not very good at reading PHP :online2lo so I can't figure out where the ad will appear if i paste the code somewhere. And I'm affraid of messing the template up so will anyone please help me?