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  • Hi Skizzerz,
    I am unable to access my account, but its a bit different because i can't access the control panel also.
    My account was suspended because of use of a VPN or Proxy. However I'm not able to login to appeal. I used Bitvise a few times to copy files from my site, other than that I login as usual. Is that the problem? How do I get this suspension lifted?

    My account was recently suspended due to log in from the disallowed country, i did explain my reasons in my appeal but that didn't satisfy Mr Eric, and my account is now permanently suspended, parked domain has been set on this account, i need to remove this, so that i can park it somewhere else, kindly remove the parked domain asap

    Account information

    user : batool
    You need removed all you need to do is change the name servers
    I need help I did not sign in to my orginal website and was deacivated I have tried to go to plce to get it activated somehow in my stumblimg I have goofed royaly. I seem to have a website activated but missed getting all the details and can't login to Filezilla...please help
    I am so sorry I didn't know how to use the forum I didn't mean to hijack it I just thought it was for every one to talk on it wont happen again sorry I really am.
    hello can anyone how to delete website or suspend x10hosting account as i am unable to delete my website it asks me to install rvsitebuilder.
    help appreciated.
    He's a great contributor and a very good support. He doesn't stopped helping me until all my hosting problems are solved, now my hosting is running and better. Thank you so much! Very much recommended!
    you are one of the most active contributor. thanks. Wish Lotus gets up again. you have solve the MySQL database issue, but lotus is completely down.
    Good day, please can you manually change my main domain name to Its more than one day now and my account still shows "process wait". I have already set the namesever. Thanks
    At my current hosting (not this) I can not send emails via the feedback form. I understand that on your hosting (free) as possible. There are also other possibilities email. But at the moment for Ukraine may not be registered: (. When will it be possible? Thank you. Very need :(
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