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    Count to 1 Million

    2462 chocolate pieces I've eaten this Christmas... no wonder why I feel sick (bleurgh!)
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    Rate the Siggy Above You

    Ha! You're actually right about that. The reason for that is because the speech marks are also in italics, which gives them that "facing in one direction" look... I think I'll thief the ones auto-generated from Word :tongue: Whilst I'm at it... I'll give you full marks for yours; I like your...
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    Rate the Siggy Above You

    I'm guessing "signature", as in the context below your reply. Okay I'll start... 7/10 I reckon. The ups: it is courteous (he does say "please" and "thanks"), has good grammar, and it states that he's willing to help people. The downs: too much colour and font style variation.
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    Change a letter!

    torn ... not necessary (yet) ;-)
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    Count to 1 Million

    2383 seconds in 39 minutes and 43 seconds (yes, I did just worked that out!)
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    Vending Machine (Game)

    You get a copy of the novel "Life, the Universe and Everything". (had to Google that!) I insert a roll of double-sided sticky tape.
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    Count to 1 Million

    2359 green bottles sitting on the wall...
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    StarCraft II Starter Edition -- download advice

    Hi all, I'm currently downloading StarCraft II: Starter Edition by using the Blizzard Downloader. However it is only running at 80KB/s download speed, which means that it'll take a full day to complete it! I'm currently downloading it at one of my friend's house, but will soon have to go to...
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    Sonic CD

    Is that the one where Sonic can travel to the past or the future within the levels?
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    Unable to send e-mail via Webmail

    Oh right okay, yeah I've decided to implement it into WLM soon after and it works fine. Thanks for the update though! :)
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    Unable to send e-mail via Webmail

    Hi all, I've decided to start using the webmail provided as I require a more professional-looking e-mail account instead of the *ahem* personal one. I log into the Hosting Account Management page just fine (where it shows stats about your site etc), and then I click on the "Log into Webmail"...
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    Answer with question??

    What makes you think that he's forgotten it?
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    Adobe Flash CS4 not loading external SWF files into UILoader

    Okay, that sounds like an idea to test what's what. I've created a new Flash file, and just put a UILoader straight in, and defined it without any AS. This was done by clicking it, going to the Component Inspector, and manually entering in the file to load. I tested this on the image, which...
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    Adobe Flash CS4 not loading external SWF files into UILoader

    Hi everyone, I'm following a tutorial book I've borrowed from a friend of mine on ActionScript 3.0. It's for Adobe Flash CS5, but I'm adapting, and creating my own files instead of using the ones mentioned in the tutorials. Anyways, I'm up to the stage where it describes the process of...
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    Laptop switches itself off a couple of seconds after switching it on

    Hi all, Okay I haven't replied in such a while, mainly because this problem hasn't appeared again since my last post. I was awaiting for it to do it again then analyse why it has, and then I can post my findings. Also the laptop is now on a flat, cool, stable desk instead off a pair of legs in...