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    .info domain

    ok basiclly i need some advice ad comments about this domain.. so if you see some site that has .info domain would you prejudge about this site as poor...suck, etc?? is domain means something to you? or you dont care about it when you surf site..? cz i wana buy domain and org/net/com already taken..
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    GTA San Andres (PC)

    Wow !! I have only PC and therefore I cant play it bu untill now. I saw it in bittorent!! The funniest thing is that it isn't oficially released yet!! but you already can download it. So if someone played it please give me your comments!
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    Mod Rewrite (to admin)

    to admin can you enable Mod Rewrite?
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    adv help

    Ok basically i need help with advertisements (i mean banners from this hosting) i tried to make them as html and php and it still didnt work. If someone can help just leave you contacts here.