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    Problem in Cpanel / phpMyAdmin

    hi I have 1 problem in Cpanel when I goo tu phpMyAdmin and try put 1 Query in SQL, it appears a blank page and query is not race :dunno: . Can you help me? Thanks
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    My pages in php and html don`t work

    I think exists a problem in the servers , my html and php pages not work I say that it must be problem in the server because I am not the only one with this problem cPanel Username: pinnacle Hosting Plan: x10Corporate Domain Name: Signup Date...
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    Ads Help

    hi friends In my forum (with phpBB2 Plus Xl2.0) I have a part that it is of weblogs, and that in turn has many filing-cabinets in HTML, and I do not know in which I must put the ADS, since they are more than 50 pages, exist some scrip in this case that to...