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    x10 qtrax - page cannot be loaded (ongoing)

    Since joining your good site, i go to my site to find half the time i cant get there. trying on ie and ff, same results. I am now thinking this is linked to an earlier issue I posted elsewhere on here. One person said it was an advertising issue but we cleared that up as not being the case, i...
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    Review my site please. on x10

    Thanks in advance... if you can review mine, I will try and do the same for you :cool:
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    Ever wanted to edit games ?

    An old school friend of mine Perfectionist has a website that has been running for a good few years now all dedicated to editing games. I used to work with him editing some games, like Microsoft Rallisport and many others, like Battlefield 1942..... Just thought I would post this if you have...
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    Hello x10 family

    Just popped in to say hi to you all and hope you are all well :cool:
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    Google still deleting sites

    As ever, when I create something new, I check to see if google bots find it. My site which is in a sort of beta state, open to public and pretty much simplified finished. After posting on this forum about hosting issues ie my site wouldnt load...including my signature, I found myself on google...