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    Hello adee.setiyono30. Welcome to x10Hosting. I hope you enjoy your stay!
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    DNS Servers

    Hi, The nameservers are:
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    Can I have my site moved to a different server?

    I'm sorry but that is not possible. We should have most of the remaining problems associated with the move fixed within a couple of days.
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    I have two problems

    Hi, Yours is one of the accounts that has been moved to our new server. The move has caused a couple of problems, but these will be sorted shortly. Please be patient, we are working hard to get things sorted.
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    "No space left on device" still happening for me

    Hi, It should be fixed now.
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    Remove Account

    Hi, Please confirm that you have backups of any files/databases that you want to keep. Then we can delete your account. However, please note that we cannot delete Forum accounts.
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    White Hacking related site

    @dlukin - You can give general information such as "By entering specific code into a form an attacker can change the results returned". However giving information like "First find a site with a login form, then enter XYZ into the username field and click login" would be against our TOS.
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    Okay, you can unban my IP now.

    I'm going to escalate this thread to a support ticket. This will close this thread, but you can access the ticket by clicking on the yellow bar at the top of the thread. Once I've escalated the thread you can speak to staff in private. Please tell us what you IP address is and we will try to...
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    White Hacking related site

    Hi, We cannot accept a site about hacking (Even if it is white hat). As Livewire pointed out it is against our TOS, and would cause too much hassle for staff trying to work out whether a site is white or black hat. Sorry, but the answer is no. You could create a site just telling people how to...
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    Re-activate Account

    Please read this:
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    I will see if I can find out who suspended you, they may be able to provide more information as to exactly why you were suspended.
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    Hello, There is a note attached to your account saying "Do not unsuspend". This means that a member of staff has found that you have broken the rules in some way. We will not unsuspend you account. If we get a message from you "with not very nice words in" you will be permanently banned, and...
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    Account Deletion Request - Please delete my free hosting account.

    Hi, Your account has been deleted. Thank you for using x10Hosting.
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    My IP is blocked

    Hi, Your IP address is not blocked. Are you able to access you site using a proxy?
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    request for complete reset

    Either do as Techairlines suggests and delete everything in the public_html folder. Or you can request for your account to be deleted, then sign up for a brand new account.