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    I was gone and now I am back.

    Hello sorry for not using the hosting service. I was totally aware if I wasn't active, my account will be suspended. My question is; Since my account was suspended, my website got deleted too? If so, I don't mind. I have different ideas for an upcoming project. And I like to hear more from you...
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    Hello, Can you help Me?

    Hello, Can you help Me?
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    Graphics and Tutorials

    Great portfolio, your illustrations are the best in my opinion. Keep up the great work and the Site is perfectly simple.
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    Game values website idea

    To give people a better knowledge of what I want to achieve, here are some links;!/Rares/Category/Classic Rares Im assuming they are called a Price Database. I like how...
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    [Help] Game on my mind

    Guess I will never know the title of this game, Its been so long, can't remember much more. Thanks for tolerating for the 'most pointless post ever'... but I tried.
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    [Help] Game on my mind

    Hello, I've been having trouble thinking of this game name for some time. I use to play this game all the time in my elementary school's computer lab. All details I can supply are; - It is an island/tiki adventure game. - Educational word collecting game. Where you have a word and collect...
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    Game values website idea

    @descalzo: Yes, I want to do a Price guide site. Where "TheChosenOne" can see the price value of " Ultimate Foo Hammer" xD People can just look for prices by word of mouth, but figured this could be a fun project to work with. Keep in mind prices of items fluctuate often, so I would like to...
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    Game values website idea

    In many MMOs many people are often stumbled upon how much should they buy or sale an item. I have an Idea of making a values page for a game and for my self in general knowledge. Anyways, I can make a webpage and post values of how much of this item.... But its so tedious changing prices on the...
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    Change CPanel Password

    I can login to x10hosting and login to my CPanel, but I don't remember the password. This means I Can't use my FTP to transfer files. How can I make another password?
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    Using a template or starting from scratch?

    Can anyone help me out making WP theme from scratch? I tried plenty of times. But haven't got anywhere.
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    New Portfolio Design

    Very nice Leafy.
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    Need Ideas :)

    Word of Mouth and Advertising in the Local Newspaper. Quick Story, I am not the greatest with Computers, but I grew big around Word of Mouth When I helped friends and people with their computers. Now more of my friends and their friends are always calling me to help with their computers now :D
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    Website Idea Help

    Hello guys, I have an idea for a side-project for a website. A site similar like Urban-Dictionary, only for friends and my side-project. I want my site where people can Write & Upload a quote. Finally, you can Rate if you like it or not.
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    WordPress Help

    Thanks man, glad you are supplying links and helpful words. I hope I learn WordPress