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    WHat the world thinks of internet explorer

    That isn't the case for everyone though. The ruling took place in Europe, and unless I've missed something it only applies to products sold there.
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    PHP vs vs PYTHON vs Perl

    Okay, incredibly tired so let's see if I can get this all out and have it make sense. pyornide summed up my thoughts quite nicely, PHP can really be a pain to work with. The language is riddled with some scary design decisions. Also, as for what one of the previous posters stated about...
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    How Good Is My Social Network?

    I highly suggest that you immediately review the correct use of client-side scripts. Your use of Javascript in your site's authentication system is simply wrong, and close to the worst mistake you could possibly make with Javascript.
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    Form Validation Using PHP.. Help

    Client-side validation is only to improve user experience. You still must validate input on the server.
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    Creating a dedicated server and installing more stuff

    A word of warning: XAMPP is designed to be a development distribution of those technologies, to make development easier the services are configured to be very accessible and as a result are very insecure. The configuration XAMPP ships with by default is not suitable for production environments...
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    Website creation

    Dreamweaver just isn’t much use to me. Just like you--I would only use the code view of Dreameaver, but if that's the only functionality of the application I'm going to make use of, I might as well use a dedicated code editor that is more powerful than Dreamweaver's code editor; and that's...
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    what is the difference between include() and require()

    Error handling is performed differently. If the include() function can not find the file you’ve specified, it’ll throw a warning and execution of the script will continue. The require() function will throw a fatal error, which will halt execution all together. The documentation would...
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    New Site

    Great work, very nice!
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    Free vBulletin based forums

    Not particularly. I don't mind people taking ideas from existing software and incorporating it their own way, and if this was the case my attitude towards this would certainly be different. This isn't the case here though, and that is quite obviously apparent. One would have thought a fork of...
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    Free vBulletin based forums

    Interesting, but nothing special in my opinion. The large majority of the source code is from the MyBB team, which they are fine to use since it went GPL not long ago. As for the styles, pretty much a blatant ripoff of vBulletin and MyBB too. If I'm correct, I don't believe the MyBB team, nor...
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    shell_exec, how to make utf8????

    Try this, add it before you use shell_exec. putenv('LANG=en_US.UTF-8');
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    x10 rewards

    Hi dmaksimov, There's a post summarising how credits work and what you can use them for here: HOW-TO: Credits (Information).
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    Being DDoSed

    Well firstly, what web server (I'm assuming it's a web server) are you running? And you are sure you've done nothing to the server configuration to cause this? What makes you assume that the problem is a denial of service attack just like that? What do your router/firewall logs tell you, and...
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    Biggest forum?

    The Big-boards directory shows Gaia Online's community forums at first place on its list, with 1465596299 posts, and 15861091 members. That's the biggest I've seen, though there could be even bigger ones hidden out there.
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    My computer isn't reading DVD's

    brunoais, is the device in question actually identified as a DVD drive by the operating system?