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    Game: Ban the Person above you!!!!!!!!!!!

    Banned for banning the actually banable person in a 'ban the person above you' thread where you just ban people for sake of banning and not really ban them unless they really deserve to be banned.
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    Use a personal subdomain as main domain

    Hi, I have a TLD and I am using NS settings provided by my registrar. As I am using my TLD for a personal blog at, I don't want to change NS. Now I want to use a subdomain as main domain of my X10 free hosting. I only see instructions saying add X10 nameservers and then tell CPANEL...
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    December Giveaway Winners (Pending Verification)

    Ohh 10 posts you say... thanks, I didn't know that :smile:. But I believe in posting only when its necessary (or to say thanks) so I don't know when I will reach there. And if Corey is busy, no probs, he would be doing some good work for us surely :)
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    December Giveaway Winners (Pending Verification)

    Yay!! This is first time I have ever won in a contest :smile::smile::smile: But somehow I am not able to open Notifications->Inbox. Isn't it where I will get PM's (if I get any :redface:), right?
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    Reset my hosting account

    All problems solved for now :) Thank you very much. Cheers. TheSuda
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    Reset my hosting account

    Hi, I want to reset everything in my free hosting account. Everything cleared just like having a new hosting account. Can this be done? Please consider my request. Thanks, TheSuda ---Edit-- Okay now I read other threads like this one, so here is more specific request: 1. I can not see any of my...