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    Earn easy unlimited credits.

    No for the forum positions I want dedicated people becouse they like the site. Not becouse they want credits.
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    Earn easy unlimited credits.

    Paid out: neverlate2day like2program
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    Earn easy unlimited credits.

    I see, let me know when you want to get paid out.
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    Winator looking for staff.

    I'm looking for several kinds of staff for my website I'll give you a brief summary here. Link to forum?: Genre?: Webdesign, graphics and coding. Forum Software?: phpbb3 Seeking?: Advertisers, Contributors and Supporters. More detailed description...
  5. T Give me all your thoughts on the site. Everything from the looks to the feel to features you mis, anything! Its a site about Webdesign, Graphics and Applications. Any comments are very much apreciated.
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    Earn easy unlimited credits.

    Earn easy credits untill I have none left. So what do you have to do? Its easy, sign up on the forums of And start making posts or topics. The amount of credits per post is either 20 or 50 credits. Topics are either 20 or 100 credits. (Topics that already existed will be merged...
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    The site is about finished, and I will get a paid domain soon. Would like ratings and comments about the site. Also, don't forget to check out the grand opening competition! Its currently hosted on my own server to make testing easier so it can be slow due to my low uplink speed. The site can...
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    Get 20-500 credits!

    Hello to all artists amongst us, MysticGFX is running a promotion here on x10hosting. This is how it works: 1. Create a new account (here...). 2. Activate and log in. 3. Post an entry for the Signature Of the Week contest #2 (here...). 4. Post your MysticGFX username and the permalink to your...
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    Creating custom userbars

    Any size, any font, any logo, any color/background, any text and so on. Name what you want using the folowing form: If you want the userbar to rotate to others, also include what you want in the other userbars. Every field is optional. Unless specified I will pick in my opinion the best suiting...