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    Free Email Marketing Tools?

    Ye Mailchimp is definitely a good one, I use mail chimp as I have less that 1500 subscribers for some projects, so not too bad. Especially it's free
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    Backlinks from Facebook?

    Whether backlinks come from social media or normal websites - a backlink is a backlink - only thing in linkbuilding is to get a variety of links, that has worked for most of my projects. I am also doing some experiments right now, let's see what happens.
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    Logo & Banners

    Nice. Thanks, sometimes even the tiniest details can make massive differences on websites when it comes to banners and logos. Some companies spend a lot with corporate branding with brand tone and what not... And for a small price you are offering a logo/banner service, just bookmarked your...
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    Greetings from Argentina

    Cheers, I am Mitchell from the UK, my Argentinian friend Pablo introduced me to this song "Gustavo Santaolalla de ushuaia a la quiaca" whilst we were coding an ecommerce store for a new project. This makes me appreciate Argentina even more.
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    Sitebuilder or doing it yourself

    To start with you can use the site builder - I remember using a program called 90 seconds website builder as well - drifting away from the site builder offered by host. Nowadays, you have Coffeecup and other software to help, free trial as well. Once you learn Html, and know how to manipulate...
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    Review my website :D

    Just make sure you cover yourself with Disclaimer, Terms of Service, and other legal information out there. If you can find some legal templates, it would be nice. Otherwise everything's fine on your site, cool.