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    Important Free Logos or other small design work

    Hello, I'm interested in a logo. I've 2 logos to-do so you can choose the one you want. Regards!
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    Aquí te dejo una guía rápida para eso: 1- Ve a Email-> Email Accounts 2- Una vez que ubiques la cuenta que deseas configurar, busca la opción "Configure Mail Client" 3- Hasta abajo aparecerá la información para configurar tu cliente SMTP. Fuente...
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    Do you speak spanish?

    I agree, anyway the community its a little bit inactive these days. I can remember the activity of the old x10 Forums :O
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    Do you speak spanish?

    Hello everyone! I just wanna know how much the spanish community grew up/down since my retired date. Do you speak spanish? rise your hand! :D Regards!
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    Enable Tapatalk support

    Just for notifications purposes, Tapatalk allow you to keep notified on replies/inbox/mentions on real time via Android/iOS notifications.
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    Hi everyone, I'm back!

    Hey dude; thank you :D
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    Enable Tapatalk support

    Hello guys, I wanna suggest to enable Tapatalk support at forums. For those won't know, Tapatalk is a mobile app to easily manage forums from your smartphones. Regards!
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    Hi everyone, I'm back!

    Thank you so much @leafypiggy :)
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    Hi everyone, I'm back!

    Sure, why not? Orange flavored if possible :D
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    Which is better Xampp Vs Wamp

    The better way it's run LAMP Stack from scratch on linux. At Windows you can choose WAMP, XAMP or MAMP (for Windows), everyone works well.
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    Hi everyone, I'm back!

    Maybe you can read this and say "Who the hell is him?", well you can remember me as "Punk, the guy who offered support to Spanish community a few years ago". Today I'm back after a few years away of this, the first community who received me, and I'm back with great experiences and knowledge to...
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    Favorite Control Panel?

    You should try ZPanel:
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    How to earn money?

    Learn to create adsense friendly sites, they should give you some money.
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    Please review my site

    Hello, I've started a new site with a partner and I wanna know what do you think (suggestions comments, etc.): * Best Smartphone 2011 Thank you!
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    Google Adsense

    Hello, The reason could be that you're breaking the AdSense ToS. AdSense don't allow sites about PTCs, HYIPs or similar content sites. That's why your site was refused. Regards!