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    rate my sig

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    Need a php coder or...

    Hey everybody.... i´ve been bussy with my mod the last time... i done a layout : .... but all i can code is basic html... and then i asked some dude if he could slice me the layout like that... like that i could post news.. the post news all the time down.. ( example: the earliest...
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    The 5px brush sig

    anyway here is my 5px brush... all i used is a font ... a 5px brush and blending options "outerglow" :nuke:
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    ZyRus FTW!

    :D rate my new ones!
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    FPS Gaming

    hey guys.... I owe one friend so much and he asked me for a logo for his new project "FPS Gaming" and it was such a long time ago he asked me for that thats why i done for him like a "progress layout" here you go:
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    Zyrus Portofolio I done my Portofolio and i would like to know what you think about the design?
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    Hello everybody :D

    HEllo to you all :D I´m happy to join such a great community! I hope i get friends with you and that we all will have a great time together :)