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    can x10hosting host 2 domain in one account?

    can x10hosting host 2 domains in one account?
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    very hard control snake game! i think it is not easy to play than the one installed in the mobile phone...
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    How to transfer files and data?

    How to transfer files and data from one hosting to another hosting? Please guild. Thanks
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    how to calculate the line?

    when i try to install the script, the error message shown.. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '=' in /home/xxxxx/public_html/xxxxxxx/xxxxxx.php on line 26 how can i know where is the line 26? what is the error like this? Please help
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    about SQL syntax error..

    what is the problem of this? what to do?
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    a bit confuse...

    My site is on, but the status is suspended? why??:nuts::nuts::nuts::nuts::nuts:
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    what is the use of curl function?

    what is the use of curl function?
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    need help to install the script

    i had just upload some files in the account and but there are some error shown up...anybody can help me to make my site work? that is the second script i upload and hope i can insert in as a part of my arcade games site..please pm me if you can help me to check what is the problem....hope the...
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    what is the best way to get backlink?

    what is the best way to get backlink?
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    what is the host name?

    what is the host name should i fill in when i use coffeecup free FTP Agent to upload the file? i fill it as, but fail to connect
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    my new domain.

    i just modify my domain..please review my site :)
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    arcade game site link exchange

    here is my site...just started prefer to have 88x31 banner for exchange looking for game site link exchange.. thanks
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    a bit confuse about the server in my account overview

    hi, i hope somebody can help me..... i have no idea why everytimes i check/refresh my account through the account overview, i found the status of server is keep changing.....sometimes is on online, sometimes is offline within a minute?
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    about subdomain

    i would like to ask about it possible to get high pagerank and google rank if using subdomain?
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    what is the nameserver for

    what is the nameserver for anybody know? is it same with