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    x10hosting endorsement

    hey people, is there any problem in putting additional links or banners on our sites for x10? I'd like to put a little write up in my wiki about the service if possible.
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    TOS compliance

    hey account managers, i've created my site (finally) and i'm about to chuck in the info. Though firstly could one of the account managers please check it to see if it complies with the TOS. I've put the ad in the toolbox though i'm not sure if it will suffice. any...
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    url query

    hey guys, just a query. why is it if you go to it goes to a server not found screen and the URL in the address bar is changed to ? though if you use it works? i'm completely out of ideas...
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    account creation email

    hey guys, i received an account creation email with the necessary login details etc, thanks! however when trying to access the site i get a page cannot be found error. any idea when i should be able to access the site along with the cpanel? cheers, cain :biggrin:
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    hi all, good to see there are still great hosts out there. was glad to join. bit of a bumpy start logging in and i think the forgotten password form needs a little work but i'll get there. cheers