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    dear sir

    how did reactivate my free domain please help me
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    suspension deactivate

    sir ,please activate my domain for four months
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    what is prize

    why does give prize for more users ?
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    about your services

    very good services from x10hosting
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    hi ,most our service view my site

    hi ,most our service view my site
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    No suspension

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    please help me

    Error in control panel and frontpage extension install
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    Frontpage extension install

    during Frontpage extension installation we attempt srm.conf error please reply
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    terminate my account completely

    terminate my account completely server :starka web cpanel user : vellpark
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    Frontpage was installed

    following error on during fp install for my domain Saving .htaccess file: /home/vellpark/public_html/.htaccess Error: The server extensions were unable to access the file "srm.conf". Please check the file permissions. Merging .htaccess file: /home/vellpark/public_html/.htaccess Setting...
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    Frontpage extension installed

    cannot install frontpage extension install