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    How much RAM do you have?

    4GB laptop 64bt Windows 7 , 3GB Desktop 32 bit Windows Vista.
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    Free Hosting and MySQL Server Upgrades

    Is it that time of the month for chopin again :D?
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    Credit Card processing

    Ok, You need someone to process payments for you. There are several services which do this. The easiest is probably either paypal or amazon...
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    My website stopped working

    It's probably due to the server migration, just stick it out :) If you 're on Chopin like me :D
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    Nasty redirection is redirecting to but is fine. It's really weird. I know they are working on the site but it just seems a bit odd to me. Sorry it's fixed now :D
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    Some Good Ad Publisher

    I quite like linkworth's system of flat rates for each add per month
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    Did X10 recover from major crash ?

    ouch mine is much nicer
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    Did X10 recover from major crash ?

    Yeah same for me my whole site has crashed lost like all the database entries, i'm having to reinstall my system completely, unfortunately Elgg and backups don't mix.
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    good way to make some $$

    I use Linkworth personally they do ad brokerage not pay per link. Shame i'm not getting much business through them though)
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    Server for website is acting extra slow

    For I keep getting server timeouts, my mail program is able to connect but the server doesn't respond within the alotted 60 seconds.
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    swine flu info site - feedback appreciated

    As a doctor myself, the info was good, you should put some info on the positive effects of tamiflu and relenza, as both have got some poor press recently. Also remove information on over counter cough medicines as they are poor for your health. Also for children in the UK we normally advise...
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    Review my site :

    Thats not a mistake I need to take that page off completely at some point. I decided to take it off to avoid any space/ copyright issues
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    Rewiew This A web designing company

    I don't know why but to me something on that site just seems a bit generic . Template like. Its good but I just feel like something is missing Edit: I figured it out, You have put that maxnets is a trademark on your site yes? Are you aware under international law that a trademark must be...
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    Review my site : Please give feedback about it. You can ask any questions about the site. Note : registration is required for some areas of the site.
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    My new site

    You need to get some links in from existing websites so that the search engines can find you. Otherwise your website is like a desert island to them. Also add some meta tags to your home page. By the way I do like the look of your site. Its very retro. You can add meta tags by editing the...