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    VPN or TOR Detection - due to ISP GNAT

    Most likely this will fall on deaf ears. . But for those users that are affected with their ISP migrating to GNAP due to IP4 numbers being used up, you'll most likely get the Error Message the "system" has detected you are behind a VPN or TOR network and it's not allowed. Workaround? Short of...
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    you're connecting with a network proxy, VPN, or Tor..

    Here is some useful info:
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    x10 emails not getting to hotmail?

    I'll just add the same happening here too. Be it emails sent form the website or emails I've sent to a hotmail addy, Nothing ever gets received. No Junk, No Spam just nuffing.
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    Error 503 Backend fetch failed

    Never Mind, it's now working O_o!
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    Error 503 Backend fetch failed

    Hi, I can't access my test site on x10, but ok to log into cPanel. Server Name xo2 Error message: Error 503 Backend fetch failed Thanks....
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    [ERROR] Can not open directory for URI: /presta5/install/!

    Cheers Dean-i Appreciate the help :)
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    [ERROR] Can not open directory for URI: /presta5/install/!

    It appears that when extracting the PrestaShop zip file X02 does something weird with CHMOD (file permissions) to the extracted files. Where I would normally extract the files, go to the install directory and it would work. Never have I ever needed to manually set permissions.
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    [ERROR] Can not open directory for URI: /presta5/install/!

    Hi, I'm trying to manually install PrestaShop v1.5.6.2 since Softaculious (Quick install service in cPanel) only have version and a very old version. I've used Softaculious to install PrestaShop, and it worked fine... Can someone please check to see why manually...
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    Cannot log into phpMyAdmin

    Thanks :)
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    Cannot log into phpMyAdmin

    Ive the same problem...
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    Imported MYSQL Database's Don't show in cpanel

    just a tad more info would help us help you. Are you importing a WordPress site over? You'll 1st need to make a "blank" database with an associated user to it.
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    WordPress Trouble

    Hey topher1991. I understand what you are explaining. You have installed WordPress using the C-Panel Auto Installer Softaculous and also tried installing WordPress manually. Still you cant get to the admin section. The manual method is to 1st create a Database from C-Panel MySQL Databases...
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    Not really new to X10, but a returning fan!

    Shhh with the complements.. Do we really want Everyone in the world using the Best Hosting Provider and the sudden flux of users bringing down the servers? lol ;) ..and yeah, WB. Don't forget to mention your site when it's up and running.
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    Please review this Site before I place a Domain Name.

    Logo and phone number could be a bit bigger but don't overpower the site with it. I don't think you need "Joomla! is Free Software released under the GNU General Public License." in the footer. It looks good, and also functional. Good job :)
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    Backlinks from Facebook?

    If you have a backlink that is hurting your ranking (Google may tell you of it) you best remove it. But if you have no control over that backlink then you can use this Google Webmaster Tool to let Google know not to take that backlink seriously...