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    Free Wordpress Themes Collection by

    We should keep this thread alive, as it is a very good thread.
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    Lets Encrypt

    noted with thanks.
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    Lets Encrypt

    Technology moves very fast in the digital world. New concepts and architectures leap frog each other all the time. When something becomes stable, it is already overtaken and obsoleted by newer versions.
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    x10hosting Android App

    What is the advantage of an app versus mobile web?
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    Do you believe in psychic abilities?

    Psychic for your own circumstances is possible but psychic for mediums is rather fake.
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    Which is better iPhone or android

    Definitely Android......iPhone can bend.
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    I need my website to be delete and be removed for the website

    Where is this site hosted?
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    Cpanel has Softaculous but no Yourls

    I cannot find Yourls in the Softaculous panel in my cPanel. Is it that x1hosting has removed Yourls from the list in Softaculous? Read:
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    Worst Control Panel you have used

    I have to agree.....
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    Y'all remember me?

    killer whale?
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    Y'all remember me?

    Who hack the shark?
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    Why did you choose x10

    They honor what they say and not like, that lure people in with free site, but once signed up, it's always bandwidth exceeded even for very very small traffic and if starting out, with no traffic, your site gets deleted and you've to login to protect the site and protection does not...
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    Use pre-existing storage to host files

    Interesting requirement. I was thinking of that. Any ideas?