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    Problems with site builder

    I will forward your position on the matter to the executive staff and they will consider it in their decisions. Thank you for the comment.
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    Case-sensitive filenames

    As a rule of thumb, always develop with no spaces/funny characters and never using capitals.
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    Login button?

    We are currently trying different systems to check account activity. In the meantime I recommend continuing the forum visits.
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    How to program an .asp page

    x10hosting doesn't support anymore.
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    Please delete my account

    I have sent your account to deletion.
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    Prime Membership

    I sent a message to our CEO, and he should reply back ASAP.
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    Prime Membership

    Are you sure it was processed? Because usually the forum picks up on Prime users right away. I'll escalate your request.
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    hosting in x10hosting is PRETTY SWEET!!

    Thank you for the wonderful comment!
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    Please close my account

    To delete your free hosting account, please copy/paste the following in a reply to this thread and fill in the required information (boldface and in red for your convenience). Please note that we cannot delete forum accounts, only hosting accounts.
  10. xav0989 Testimonials

    Which web page? I am still getting the SEO parking page for
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    What are these setting supposed to be to make my email work ??

    Smtp is used if you are using an external mail provider such as gmail/google apps or hotmail for webmasters. Else use the php mail function and a from address linked to your account.
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    My forum is running smoothly :)

    Unfortunately this is not a support forum, so I am afraid I cannot help you any more, but check the announcement forum, there was a thread about emails made some time ago that should provide all the help you need.
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    x10 DNS is on block list on CO.CC

    We are aware of the issue and are working to resolve it.
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    ERROR trying log-in to AMP

    This error is linked to a problem in our system where the support software in use doesn't recognize you. Since you didn't have any problem before, I'll give a word to our developpers to double check any code change they pushed to the AMP.
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    Old URL

    Since this issue cannot be resolved by the Community Support team, I am going to escalate this thread to a support ticket in our support section so that people better-equipped to deal with your issue can look at it. As a result, this will lock the thread you are currently viewing. To access the...