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    If some of you remember me I was an active member a way back and I decided to come back for hosting but I see that the site is currently under construction. I also want to change my username from Mav3rick to Xempttt if an admin can possibly do that. I had loads of fun going through all my old...
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    current template being made

    plz do tell if u think something should be improved or changed. i am gonna move the nav and boxes on the left side.
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    good logo?

    i made this logo for some guy whos company name was target element productions. its my first logo i have made. what do u think?
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    free .info or .com/ect. for points

    hi i just got moderator on these forums that give away domains for decent points. heres how u get it: "Free Domain Names FAQ | Offer. - 10-19-2005 , 11:52 AM -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Free Domain Names FAQ What must I do to...
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    once again new sig

    i amazed myself with this one.
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    another sig dished out

    i just made this sig today. plz critique it.
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    Mav3rick's sig shop

    ok i havent been here for a while and i just installed my new photoshop so i am starting a sig shop for points. all i ask is for 20 points(trust me there worth it).i still need to download some fonts so if u could go to and tell me which font u would like that would make it much...
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    i think i already have hosting here with my email address. i think its if it is can u delete it or change it to i tried to sign up but i get "Please go back and use an invite code to access the system." idk. plz help me.
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    im back!

    some of u know me as mav3rick like tyler and corey. i was afk from web design this whole summer playing cs and now im ready to be back in business. i just downloaded..i mean got photoshop cs and im gonna install it and make sig, banners, templates now that i know basic html, ect. its good to be...
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    phpnuke theme help

    i uploaded a theme to the themes folder in phpnuke but it doesnt show up when i want to select it in list of themes. plz help me.
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    reset account plz

    i want my account domain to be same plan. thank u
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    !!need Help!!

    for some reason my hosting doesnt work right. i cant get to cpanel. i cant get to my domain. i wanted to change my domain to but its not there. i go to and it takes me to a page that says coming soon. plz help me.
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    im going away for a while

    im going to san diego for two months so if anyone wants any gfx too bad. if anyone wants to play some cs aim me and ill get back to u.
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    new sig?

    should i use this sig or my old one
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    if someone has alot of traffic can i be an affiliate because i need some traffic and i need some people to start requesting stuff on my site.