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    Account Deletion Request - Please delete my free hosting account.

    cPanel username:XENNON (x) Inserting an X inside the parentheses signifies that I have made all necessary backups of my free hosting account and will not hold x10Hosting responsible for any data I am unable to recover after my free hosting account is deleted. The X also serves as my...
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    Domain Name - How to change it?

    Yes, thank you Anna, I have just received the ticket notice and have replied to it with my proposed change. My head still feels like it might explode with all these *domain* thingos and how they all relate, but hopefully it will fall into place.
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    Domain Name - How to change it?

    Hi Anna, Thanks for the quick response. You mention that I *should* have a ticket from staff already opened about changing the domain, but apart from a ticket I submitted just prior to my post here, I have not received any notice regarding domain changes. Would you be so kind as to arrange...
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    Domain Name - How to change it?

    I want to revamp my site into something completely different and the current domain name would not suit the new site - Can I flush out the current site and re-start with a clean slate and new domain name? I've looked through the various cPanel options/features but cannot see any that allow me...
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    Site is messed up in Firefox

    The login input boxes DO NOT appear or display properly in Firefox 3.6.17 I will attach a image capture of the problem region. I'm using crappy IE to get this far. This is something new since I have always been able to login and out via Firefox. BTW - using IE, thise bloody mouse tracking...
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    Username not accepted at account login

    Trying to log in to my account using my username "xennon" does not work! I MUST use the email address before it's accepted - WTF? The thing says email address ~OR~ username! Why is this NOT WORKING!
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    Cannot log into cPanel

    Clicking the button to go to cPanel from within my account details page results in a Failed Login window and a request for username and password. Entering my username and password here always fails. How do I fix this?
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    Can't login via Firefox

    Using Firefox 3.6.11 I cannot click on the login input boxes. Only works in IE. This only just started happening for some odd reason - may be FF, not sure
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    Free Accounts Upgraded

    ummm - I only have 500 Mb and I think that's what I had originally. Still more than I need atm, but just thought I'd mention it.
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    PHP mail issue

    I've started having similar issues - it used to work but now it only works 1 in 10 or 20 tries. I have no idea why and know nothing about php. I just used a script i downloaded to send out *contact* emails and while testing it I found it might send 1 then breaks for several minutes then it may...
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    Problem in the mail

    I'm not sure if it's related but for some odd reason my site no longer sends out my form data collected. I've been testing it for a while today and strangely it *sometimes* send the data but most times it doesn't. I cannot understand why it works once in a while with nothing being changed...
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    Cannot connect to cPanel

    I just logged into my account management page and tried to jump (using the link shown) to the cPanel page but I keep getting the "Page cannot be displayed" error in my browser. Is the site down? Is there some place I can check the site's status when this occurs?