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    I can no longer sign into cpanel for weeks now.
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    PHP Time and day display

    How bout using the php "case" to execute the different days
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    New layout?

    The start page after you login is kind of weird. I can not find how to get to myphpadmin, and it says I do not have a hosting account. My website does not many problems!!!!
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    This is bad and worst..

    I had same problem, I'm assuming it was just an update with php. The next day it was fine.
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    Email script not working

    Just put the name of your site for the from addy, and in the email message include the real email to reply to?
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    how do you add a banner?

    So I'm guessing you do not have a website editor. Usually it will be the towards the top of the code under title and head.
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    Chopin Expedited Copy

    Well, I went down the line of domains and checked them all, everyone is still down and it is going on over a week. Doesn't look like this sped up anything :) I'm guessing it will be down for another 2 weeks, but hang in there stuff happens sometimes.
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    Email script not working

    I'm guessing them sites black listed the domain, or x10 does not allow it using them email extensions.
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    Database Error: Unable to connect to the database:Could not connect to MySQL

    They are doing upgrades or something, I can't even view my site anymore.
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    Forum problems

    Just install it in a directory named forums, and change your forum link to match the directory you created for the forum. this will be the new forum link.
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    Files in dot points on my page? seems to have the functionality you want?
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    Files in dot points on my page?

    you do not have an index file such as index.html
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    Anyone help plz: database problem

    If all else fails just use phpmyadmin and select the table with the admin name and password, and click the pencil icon to edit, then change the password. Then you can always do a password change to re encrypt it.
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    Triggering additional events off a form submit button click.

    well once you get the $_POST variables and you most likely ave a file that emails the $_POST variables to the customer, just add the persons email next to the customer email addy. just use a comma when using multiple emails.