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    Resource Usage

    Hey guys, Just a quick question. I was checking my resource usage, and it stated it has been limited in the past 24 hours. Please see below: However, looking at the above, I cannot see anything that would make it go over the limits required. How up to date are these in real-time? As part...
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    Want to critique my personal blog site?

    Quite a nice website, clean and functional, does the job its intended to do. Not sure if it has been fixed yet, but the issue of slow loading images can be sorted in a few ways. One is obviously to reduce image size and the second is to use something called Lazy Loading of images. It basically...
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    How to parse JSON (from Twitter) with PHP??

    So instead of echoing the outut as $ouput I should do something like json_decode($output); ?? and when it comes out as an array how would I get certain details out of said array??
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    How to parse JSON (from Twitter) with PHP??

    Hi, I assume that since the re-design of the forums, this is the best place to put it. I am building a small script with PHP, that fetches from the Twitter API. I have managed to get the JSON output, but now am at a loss as to how to process the information I receive. I was wondering if you...
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    Domain name change

    Just to let you know, I have no issues accessing with the www. in front of it. It does take anywhere between 24-48 for changes to be made to DNS settings on a domain name. I would agree with others, that you should clear all browser cache and history for your current browser. Open and restart...
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    Big Bro Game Reviews

    Hi, I would like to give you a few tips about the layout and styling of the website. First off, I would try and combine the "Hello Guest" menu and the main navigation together. Having the two separated doesn't sit well on the page. However, I do like the use of colour throughout the website...
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    Asking: please can YOU review my new home page?.....thanks.

    Just to add my two penny's worth to the convo. I like the initial landing page. I would perhaps work on image optimization. A fantastic background image used, however even on my fast internet connection, it took about 15-20 seconds to sharpen up. Also for me, I would do away with Dreamweaver, as...
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    Hosting Account Space Upgrade

    Thanks for the reply. Please let me know if it is an issue I can fix or I have to wait for.
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    Hosting Account Space Upgrade

    Username: edwardbe Domain: cPanel states only 300mb used but FileZilla states that Disk full, please upload later. So I thought I would ask for an upgrade :D
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    Wordpress Help

    Any ideas?
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    Review My Site - Flash intro

    Hi, First off, the site does look nice and does load relatively fast on my laptop. However, the biggest flaw is that it is done in Flash. I feel that nowadays, there are so many other ways of achieving what you need to do, such as HTML 5 and CSS 3. You can even go down the jQuery route. There...
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    Wordpress Help

    Hi guys, I am appealing to all your wordpress developers out there for some help. On my dashboard (wp-admin), I would like to display a New Post box. Now I understand roughly how to achieve this through meta boxes or widgets. My current progress gets me to having a widget on the dashboard that...
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    Paid Hosting for the UK?

    So just so I understand (not hard to confuse myself sometimes lol), I basically convert the cost of the hosting from $ to £ and that will be cost (aside from taxes etc), and by VAT locally does that mean if I am self employed? (slightly confused there!?!?)
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    Paid Hosting for the UK?

    Hi, Currently residing in the UK, and looking for some paid hosting. I have used your free hosting for many years and always fount it to be very reliable. So I ask the question, are UK customers allowed to purchase hosting with you? If so can you post somewhere for me to take a look? And also...
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    Website Issue - Old CSS loading

    Respect to you good sir! Works like a charm!!