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    Affected Account due to Boru Upgrade

    Hi Anna and Smith, Thanks for the reply, we can treat this as closed. I can now see the info on my account: Forum Account active username zerostrike » Visit Free Hosting active username ***** » View Details Previously it was not there so I was thinking mine was affected as it shows I do not...
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    Affected Account due to Boru Upgrade

    Hi Guys, My account was affected on the boru upgrades, although I can still see my website and projects intact I cannot see the detail on my x10 account. Also the forum linking, it says I dont have any forum account link and I dont have a hosting account. How can I retrieve my account with...
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    Affected account due to Boru upgrades

    EDIT: Wrong section. I have moved my post on the Support Section.
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    php and mysql help

    Do you mean you want a Register page and a login page? Kindly be specific so we can help/assist you in any way we can. :)
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    Account deletion

    Confirmed. forum account: zerostrike x10hosting: burnok If possible, kindly send me a notification that my account has been deleted through my email: Thanks in advance.
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    Account deletion

    Kindly delete my account here in x10hosting. Thanks.