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    500 Internal Server Error

    The stuffs/personals logic is that they can not see errors when we saw them. The stuffs comes when everything started to work properly than the say "hey, no problem when i visit your site" but there was it in the fact! im very bored these errors, yeah i know it is free service but i will buy...
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    X10 Dead ??

    yeaaah that is work fine now but yesterday that always gave errors : 500, 307, 501 etc. I cant understand your servers working logic. Really can not trust if I get traffic when I complete editing my blog then these problems occurs again. Please trust us if you solved problems permanently and...
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    X10 Dead ??

    i think just like you, i leave here because of this errors.
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    500 Internal Server Error

    yes @Twysted is true 500 internal error appears when i visit his/her site, just like appeares on my blog. I think x10hosting gets worse than everyday :(
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    how do sites hosted in x10 perform in SEO?

    i did not see any special seo part in cpanel but x10hosting's subdomains like .mx .x10hosting .pcriot etc. are very findable in google and other search engine up to now about 10 years also these subdomains are there unless blocking by google till now. So that means if you design, build and make...
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    problem with dot tk domain

    if you are on the begining of using dot tk domain i warn you about that the owner of dot tk will get your domain when you get more traffic. dot tk is scam if you are not clear for my point you can google it about dot tk and scam.
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    Disk space usage not loading in cpanel

    yeah cpanel dosen't show disk space truely, when i select disk space usage button then i see real results but not on cpanel. these days x10hosting on some troubles.
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    Unclear suspension reason.....

    I develop my blog slowly but I don wanna get suspension in the future. I could not find the rules about suspension. Could you give me link if there is any reading path it. Thanks.
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    Cpanel works, site is down

    level server is still under trouble. even site cant open less than 1 minutue. softaculos cant install subdomain blog etc. cpanel and everything works too much slow.
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    Website too slow

    same problem for me too... site opening is too slow
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    Free Main Domain Name Changing

    Yes it is free one from your service. Anna I had sent to you a conversation message about it yesterday for details, but you had not seen it. I chose permanent name for my free domain could you look that message. Thanks for your help Anna.
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    Free Main Domain Name Changing

    It passed over 24 hours but still waiting for them. Anyway maybe I should leave here, anyway..!
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    Free Main Domain Name Changing

    Are you there?
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    Free Main Domain Name Changing

    Hello dear authoriseds, I decide to use x10hosting free service permanently after testing system up to now. So I use the service with my original blog name but I cant change the name or add any new free domain. So, who could help me here about name changing? I konow that losing data after name...
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    Logon Problem

    Same problem occured for me that began recently! I cant access to cpanel! May leave x10hosting beacuse of these weird problems!