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    **** this service. That is all. Azure

    **** this service. That is all. Azure
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    [REQUEST] Account Deletion

    Click here to be redirected to the "correct version" of this thread.
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    Corey Got married!!

    Awesome! Congrats Corey. Enjoy your honeymoon! :)
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    Stoli HTTP off/on all day

    Cool, I read that the mass-suspension was completed?
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    Stoli Issues

    Oh alright, I thought it was complete.
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    Stoli Issues

    The connection to Stoli is breaking intermittently when I try to do something.
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    X10 Support IRC Issues

    I am getting this issue when I try to connect to the Support Chat IRC.
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    Cannot Access X10 Home page

    "Firefox can't find the server at" Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage (
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    Stoli HTTP off/on all day

    Stoli HTTP has been off/on intermittently all day today and all day yesterday. Unfortunately working on my site isn't even possible right now. This may have to do with the mass-pruning/suspending members on Stoli. Any ETA on when that will be done?
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    Suspended.. but then "Not Suspended"?

    Alright thank you. Edit: Urgency on this is high, administrators please fix this :(. Trying to get a website going for VFK. Edit: I think the problem was solved by me changing the domain name back to kip and then back to vfk. Thanks for the help in the IRC. Some guy non-admin helped me lol.
  11. A Hey... Hey I need you to check this out at your earliest convenience please. Thanks, Azuremyst
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    Suspended.. but then "Not Suspended"?

    Thanks for trying, Luke.
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    Suspended.. but then "Not Suspended"?

    When I go to my new website URL (changed from to I get this message: And then I enter my hosting accounts, first my forum account which it makes it obvious that it is the website control panel account. So I enter that in and I get:
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    No problem!

    No problem!
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    Domain Change -- Website not up

    I changed from to -- The site is not working.
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    vigge_sWe is Awesome =D Congrats

    vigge_sWe is Awesome =D Congrats
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    Welcome, Duxter. I have been reading your comics all morning. They are really great! You're gifted.
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    Ad-Enhanced (stoli)

    Okie dokie. Hopefully it gets fixed soon Edit: My site is still going on an off. Is it ever going to stop being so tempermental? What's the problem?
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    Ad-Enhanced (stoli)

    What is going on with Ad-Enhanced (stoli) server today? I have been trying to get people to apply for my guild at my website for the grand release of my guild, and the site has been down like all day!
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    Gain 30 credits unlimited times by posting in my wiki

    "Not Found The requested URL /wiki/index.php was not found on this server. Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request." UNABLE TO WORK ON PAGE.