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    Did Any One Really Earned Real Money

    If you want to earn money online you need a successful website to for traffic and be a member of an affiliate network.
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    will Microsoft's Zune HD be the next Psp or Iphone?

    Microsoft has stated that there will not be an SDK for the zune, at least for now. The PSP is getting it's own version of the app store with new mini games.
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    Too dark, i didn't get what's the main subject of your site, very long name. You should have more content at the home page
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    Is religion a valid argument in debate?

    i believe in separating between religion and the state laws, but you need to have a moral background. People (I'm one of them) seek religion or any other sort of belief to find answers and to feel that they belong to a group of people that have something in common
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    Domain your site

    Point to It works all the time
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    Reason to leave x10 Hosting?

    can't think of a reason, so far x10 is one of the best free hosting providers. probably if my sites needs to get it's own dedicated server i'll switch to paid service
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    Best way to earn money - neobux :D

    ADsense is much profitable than clicking ads for money, it's a very low income source
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    Is adsense a good thing for all sites

    Get traffic first then money will come
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    Social Networking site in progress

    try to avoid dark colors, i like what you did
  10. A - A Completely New Look

    starting such a service is very bandwidth consuming. about the look i can't see something special about it just 3 google ads and the upload form.
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    Manual Search Engine Submission List

    I prefer sticking with the big players in the search engine world, like Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo!
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    Let me know what you think of my Male Fashion Site

    u r using ready photoshop brushes, try to lower the opacity of some of them or blend them more into the design, remember a cleaner design should do the trick, don't throw too many stuff just bcoz they look good. Reconsider your fonts.
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    blog software

    Drop it, you should be using Wordpress it's much better software, very seo friendly, and it has a large community behind it
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    My home page changed to "Apache WHM Great Success!"

    I have the same problem, don't know what to do, yesterday the website went down and now it shows the apache page
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    WordPress 2.7 Available for Download

    WordPress 2.7 is finally available for download. And for the first time, an automatic upgrade tool is included in WordPress so you can upgrade to WordPress 2.7.1 or 2.8 or whatever new versions are on the horizon without having to fire up an FTP client. Download Link
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    Choice of Programming Language

    You should start with C, C++ or learn some web programming language like PHP, which is the coolest thing these days.
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    Play for FREE! Win REAL MONEY!!

    Yep a lot of people does it but only a few win, the rest get only pennies.
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    What do you do on the computer?

    Study, 3D modeling, AutoCad, Music, Movies, and a lot of surfing and downloading.
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    Xbox Live

    I like to see more free stuff going on Xbox live, we pay for the console and the game but we get little in exchange.
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    Need For Speed: Undercover

    I bet that the next NFS is hack proof, the last one did not impress me like NFS Carbon, i hope this one is better than pro street.