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    Count to 1 Million

    2492 US sanctions to prevent foreigners accessing x10 for free speech
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    Thanks for a fantastic free service

    Hi there I live in Australia and had been struggling to find a reliable free service to host my Weather Satellite pictures. I must say, that after trying various "recommended" hosts, I've settled on X10, which I've used for the past few months, and which far surpasses any other service I have...
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    Wolf, I think your post is so well written, you ought to apply for a job as a journalist or commentator, if that is not what you're already doing for a living. I, too, live outside the US (Australia). We suffer from similar problems which come with democracy: our leaders tell lies so we will...
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    spin quantum number

    I agree that all of quantum physics is a fiddle. The human brain is poorly fitted out for imagining what goes on at this level. Physicists and mathematicians observe the behaviour of smashed up bits of matter, then try to come up with a formula which would explain what they see. Because they are...