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  1. hermitobserver

    Please please please change my hosting name

    Yes. I'm ready for a fresh start. Everything from the ftp space is on an external hd.
  2. hermitobserver

    Delete this account and the forum account linked to it

    Okay it's me on a diff account I want deleted. cPanel username: (X) Inserting an X inside the parentheses signifies that I have made all necessary backups of my free hosting account and will not hold x10Hosting responsible for any data I am unable to recover after my free hosting account...
  3. hermitobserver

    Please please please change my hosting name

    Okay!! I freakin' give up. Too many errors. I'm becoming hysterical. Just delete all of my accounts. hermitobserver on the forums. and gunnar on the forums. I'm starting from scratch. It's 6AM and I'm about to pass out. Please please just delete it...
  4. hermitobserver

    Please please please change my hosting name

    Yeah, somehow when I did a forum account swap with a second GMail I was going to replace it with it "synced" the names i guess?? And now the g-mail has the one N and this account has both. I have no clue how! On another note: I can't change my domain name anymore! I get an error each and every...
  5. hermitobserver

    Please please please change my hosting name

    Sorry for caps lock but this is vital vital vital!!!!!!!! When i created the account, i accidentally used one "n" in my name. My name is gunnar not gunar. Could you please please please change it asap asap asap???? Thanks in advance if you can!!!! :)
  6. hermitobserver

    Mispelled name

    Can I change my account's login name from gunar to gunnar?
  7. hermitobserver

    Count to 1 Million

    1254 ......... is better than everyone else's number
  8. hermitobserver

    Review my website - magician listings

    Very Nice. I'm jealous, well I would be if iI wanted a magician site. I don't see the reson for the domain name to be wands online if its about parties.
  9. hermitobserver

    Battle of the Browsers

    What the heck is a Flock? I use Firefox because I am a believer
  10. hermitobserver

    game: kill the above user

    I kill alexandgruntz with a killer program that gives division by zero an answer. oooooohhhhhh
  11. hermitobserver

    Forum Game <Wish>

    Granted. But you never realize it because you're stuck at home. I wish I knew how to fight.
  12. hermitobserver

    What is your biggest USB stick?

    I've got (3) 2gb Sony Clicks
  13. hermitobserver

    An error on Google

    I loved seeing the security sites like McAfee be reported as a virus. McAfee must be a double agent.
  14. hermitobserver

    SP1 installation help.

    contact the technical staff. I don't think anyone here will really be able to help you. Service Packs are supposed to be free as far as I know
  15. hermitobserver

    Best Free Stuff

    I think Kompozer and Nvu kick assets
  16. hermitobserver

    what is wrong with my dreamweaver

    your Welcome. Yes it was totally necessary to say that.
  17. hermitobserver

    speakers don't work

    Check the device manager
  18. hermitobserver

    iPod Classic vs iPod Touch

    Get the iPod touch. It'll hold your songs and you get to show it off. Or better yet, get both, and hold the songs you actually listen to on the Touch
  19. hermitobserver

    How old your current computer?

    One is a 95 and the current one I'm using is about 3 months old
  20. hermitobserver

    Hi all

    I would go with what Jonthfisherman said.