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  1. mosimages

    My first site

  2. mosimages

    Review my forum site

    your text logo ..better if it NOT embossed, red color, ...TRY with yellow color like your outline.. don't use red color there...;)
  3. mosimages

    Review my personal blog

    not found...:)
  4. mosimages

    photoshop designing

  5. mosimages

    Please review my site.

    Nice theme..:) its yours?
  6. mosimages

    Jomla halp

    pozharupo65: u try it yet? your localhost settings is different with webhost server.. try it.. ;)
  7. mosimages

    please review my site

    si simple..your text links only like that?..
  8. mosimages

    Opinions on my site?

    Google custom search.. ..good idea...
  9. mosimages

    Please evalute my website

    Not Found The requested URL /news.php was not found on this server. Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request. :) Still development???
  10. mosimages

    Review my blog please...

    Good job dude..! first time I in your blog..i think the green area (bottom page) isn't exist, if the font size smaller than that..? or there (green area) you use other modul/widget with little small size...?? or you place arrow/wathever icon so anyone can know if at bottom area is...
  11. mosimages

    My site / Mi página

    nice Flash based web design...;).... "contact Us" page ..its really working?
  12. mosimages

    Full flash site project: afzmusica

    Wow...good..nice design... i suggest for rollover button there..(remarked with blue transprent color) .. change with that object (button) going to little big not with remarked with tranparent blue color...;)
  13. mosimages

    Dark Meldoy Designs

    Nice...;) should be centered...I agree that.. i think it in progress
  14. mosimages

    Callum Macrae - reviews please :)

    Grungy spirit... ;)..nice theme..
  15. mosimages

    my wordpress blog

    Nice need the appropriate web logo, so it looks unified with that theme.. :) Good Job..:wink:
  16. mosimages

    [Alpha] My Site!

    "If you feel you have reached this page in error, please contact the web site owner:..bla bla..." I found it there..:)
  17. mosimages

    Free WordPress Theme By Mido_1989

    Wow....Thanks :)
  18. mosimages

    ~ Cyber Wars ~ Its Time To Defend | Critiques Please....

    if there are logos, it will be more nice.... ;)
  19. mosimages

    Basic step in creating Joomla! website.

    To Modify , you need some CSS editor, and knowledge about Joomla Theme structure.. practically its relative.. To create it one.. simply you can use theme generator then modify it.. or manually you can use joomla theme extension for Adobe dreamweaver for code it... or u can use blank sklaton...
  20. mosimages

    New Artists Site

    Good job ... ;)